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Recently bought a 2015 Jeep Wrangler, LOVE the car and the customer service was outstanding! Had a few butterflies after purchase as well as some minor discrepancies after pick up of the vehicle, but Gill made sure to ease my concerns answer my questions and rectified the mishaps right away making the buying process easy going! Seem like a great group of guys and I am overly satisfied with my experience with Vault Motors. I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.
Jackie - Brampton
I purchased a 2008 Mercedes Benz E550 at a very good price and with very little muss and fuss in the paperwork - including completing a financing arrangement. Very friendly and accommodating staff from top to bottom. I took possession on a Friday afternoon and enjoyed a weekend of driving my new car around and getting to know it. The vehicle itself presented itself very well on the test drive, and my impression of it only got better over the weekend. Monday comes and wouldn't you know it? An awful sound started to come from the engine compartment. I called Vault Motors and Bali suggested that I bring it back in order to be diagnosed by his mechanic. To make it even better - I was leaving town for a week and couldn't take the time to get the car Back Vault Motors. Bali's response? - We'll pick it up and have it fixed and return it to you for your return! In the end - a serpentine belt pulley was changed, the alternator was changed and the serpentine belt was changed - and the result was the awful noise from the engine was gone!! All of this was done at no charge to me!! Bottom line - the staff at Vault Motors took care of an unfortunate situation quickly and decisively and in a way that speaks to the fact that they stand behind their inventory and truly wish to a high level of customer satisfaction during and after the purchase process. I will not hesitate to recommend Vault Motors to anyone that may be in the market for a quality automobile and an even better team of people to deal with.
Ken Chong - Toronto, ON
I recently helped a very good friend of mine purchase a 2009 Mercedes Benz E300 4Matic from Val & Gill at Vault Motors. From the time we walked in, test drove the car and settled on a mutually agreeable price we were treated professionally. The car required some items for safety which they informed us of and they looked after it. I had requested a higher grade oil for the initial oil change and they did not charge us extra. Very professional folks and we are very happy. Honesty and integrity are hard to find in this business, these guys have it ! I have no issues in recommending them to anyone.
Riyaz Lalani - Mississauga, Ontario
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